EMS Manufacturing

EMS Manufacturing

We constantly strive to improve and develop our production in the context of the rapidly changing world of technological innovations, so that we can meet our customers requirements, by using modern technologies, experience and knowledge. We specialize in manufacturing sophisticated electronic products and printed circuit boards with high component density by using:

Precision SMD Assembly
Reliable lead-free soldering with nitrogen
Vacuum soldering
Selective Soldering with nitrogen of conventional (TH) components
Automated washing line for assembled PCBs
Application of underfill materials
Automatic selective varnishing and dip varnishing
Application of UV curable and binary liquid mixture adhesives
Ultrasonic welding of plastic parts
AOI and X-Ray control
Thermal testing in a thermal cycle chamber
Electrical testing and programming

The automated electronics Assembly is equipped with machines that allow us to produce both prototypes as well as small and medium volume assembled PCBs. Our surface mounting lines allow us to plan in a flexible manner, to maintain a uniform load during the production process and to achieve efficiency and timely order execution. They are suitable for the Assembly of all types of modern mountings – from 01005 chip components to QFP, BGA, micro BGA Ics up to 80µ and fine-pitch mountings. Our convection reflow furnaces solder components using the so-called vacuum technology in order to prevent voids from forming in the joints.

The Selective Soldering production line gives us the added flexibility we need when we assemble diversely populated PCBs with SMD elements and conventional (ТH) components.

By putting our specialists through vocational training on how to apply IPC standards and internal working instructions, we are able to achieve precision Assembly with a guaranteed high quality.

The automated and manual electronics Assembly
A number of parts, subassemblies or combination thereof joined together.
and soldering together with the Selective Soldering line lend precision and flexibility to the production of miscellaneous and non-standard components and units.

Our team has gained enough experience and knowledge in final Assembly by assembling a wide variety of modules ranging from medical devices to modules that are part of highly reliable electronic systems operating flawlessly under extreme conditions. Our people are our greatest asset, so we invest in them, train them and continuously improve their qualifications.

We monitor the production process and carry out tests at different stages of production from beginning to end. Our integrated data management system allows full traceability throughout the production cycle of each product. The system designates a unique serial number to each PCB, which allows for the accurate tracking of all modules contained in a device.

We rely on the use of state-of-the-art inspection, control and test equipment that meets today’s requirements for accurate traceability. Our quality management system ensures process repeatability and stability.

Solder Paste Inspection (SPI), Automated optical inspection (AOI), X-ray analysis, Pull & Shear destructive testing, temperature tests, thermal cycle tests, functional tests, operational tests – these are some of the options for product testing, control and Verification.

Products required to meet more stringent requirements for cleanliness and particle concentration under ISO 14644-1 have to be produced in a so-called “clean environment”. CENTILLION has a controlled environment set up on modern production premises covering an area of 800 square metres. They have been designed as a “room in a room” and have been certified under ISO14644-1.

The production cleanroom facilities are divided into two functional areas:

ECA1, with cleanliness classed as ISO Class 6 (US1000), microbiological control: for the production of medical electronic components and active implantable medical devices;

ECA2, with cleanliness classed as ISO Class 6 (US1000): for the production of industrial products, video surveillance systems
Within the controlled environments there is a so-called “laminar airflow” – an air stream that passes over the workstations and makes sure that the ISO cleanliness class 6 required under ISO 14644-1 is achieved. In addition to that, the workstations in area ECA1 undergo microbiological control tests. The integrated control system carries out continuous 24-hour monitoring and records the parameters of the work environment – temperature, humidity and differential pressure within the cleanroom. The level of cleanliness is checked by an external audit company that carries out recertification audits at regular intervals.

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