Our Team

Our Team

Our team consists of skilled managers, specialists, and experts with extensive experience who work to ensure the company’s stable positions. We invest in proactive people, eager to develop in a high-tech and innovation-filled environment. We strive to provide working conditions and create opportunities that foster professional development and competence. Through continuous investment in training and professional development initiatives, we shape creative professionals and innovators who guarantee CENTILLION’s success and growth.
Nikolay Kirov




Head of
Finance and Controlling
Неозаглавен (370 × 452 пиксела) (2)


Head of
Digital Technologies
Неозаглавен (370 × 452 пиксела) (1)


Head of
Marketing and Sales
Неозаглавен (370 × 452 пиксела) (21)


Head of
Manufacturing Engineering
Неозаглавен (370 × 452 пиксела) (20)


Head of
Human Resource Management
Неозаглавен (370 × 452 пиксела) (24)


Head of
EMS Manufacturing
Неозаглавен (370 × 452 пиксела) (23)


Head of
Quality Management
Неозаглавен (370 × 452 пиксела) (15)


Head of
Manufacturing in ECA
Неозаглавен (370 × 452 пиксела) (19)


Head of
Неозаглавен (370 × 452 пиксела) (22)


Head of
Facility Management

Nikolay Kirov

Our belief that we improve people’s world through our work makes us different.

For 25 years, CENTILLION has been producing high-tech solutions. Innovation, high quality and perseverance in the field of electronics are the foundation of our development and success.

Dilyana Mihova

I feel myself fulfilled and satisfied because I have always wanted my work to be connected to a cause, to contribute in some way to improve people’s lives. When you realize that thanks to your work and that of your colleagues, a person can hear the song of birds again or a newborn baby – the voice of its mother, your work already takes on a completely different look, everyday life becomes filled with fulfilled dreams and children’s smiles. I will do my best to promote the company’s activities and make hundreds more lives in Bulgaria complete.


Dimitar Lengerov

My job is to gather and inspire curious minds who are not afraid to learn every day and prove that “impossible” does not exist.

I am motivated by the enthusiasm of colleagues who are always looking for what they can improve and make “tomorrow” better than “today”.

Katya Angelova

I have been a specialist in my field for many years, but this is my first time when I work for a company with such a special mission. The satisfaction is great when you know that you are a part of something so significant. I hope that more and more people will be lucky enough to to take advantage of new technologies and have a fulfilling life.


Ognyan Georgiev

The mission of my department is to create innovative, high-tech, stable and clearly defined production processes, meeting customer and international quality requirements and standards. We provide precision selected and timely maintained top class equipment. Through our knowledge and know how, we build a culture of continuous improvement and trust through honest and open communication with colleagues and customers.

Stanimir Mitov

By investing knowledge, skills and heart into our work, we managed to create high-tech products that improve people’s lives.


Hristo Stoyanov

The main goal of my team is to provide CENTILLION with a stable and controlled working environment, through which we can ensure the quality of the product and the comfort of each employee.

Elizabeta Bogdanova

I have been part of the team for 20 years. I have worked in different positions and my everyday life has always been exciting. At CENTILLION I have met wonderful people and specialists in their field, made many friendships and unforgettable memories.
Working for a company where quality and innovation quality and innovation are leading the way is an ideal place to develop. I am happy to have had this opportunity and I look forward to the coming years, during which more improvements, high-tech solutions and digital challenges await us.


Martin Markov

Working is a pleasure for me, because I am part of the cause of CENTILION – to help and improve people’s lives and change the world for the better!

Svetla Stoyanova

I am glad to have the opportunity to work for more than 10 years in a company that gives so many opportunities for work and development. Thanks to the interesting programs and internships for school and university students, we help many young people to get in touch with high-tech production and make the first step in their career development. CENTILLION is focused on providing excellent working conditions because our employees deserve the best. Thanks to them, we develop and succeed in helping more and more people!


Toshko Ignatov

Every working day for me means a realized dream for someone in the world who will be able to have a fulfilled life.