Text Term / Abbr Acronym
Bondability Bondability The ability of a surface to be bonded, dependent upon degree of surface preparation, as in cleanliness and texture
Bonding Wire Bonding Wire Fine gold or aluminium wire used for making electrical connections between lands, lead frames, and terminals.
Breakaway Breakaway The function of excising pronted boards or printed board assemblies from their panel structure after all processing has been completed.
Bumped Wafer Bumped Wafer A semiconductor wafer with raised metal features on its die lands that facilitate inner-lead bonding.
Burn-In Burn-In Burn-In is the process of electrically stressing a device at an elevated temperature, for sufficient amount of time to cause the failure of marginal devices. This early failures of products are also known as Infant Mortality.
Burr Burr Small lumps or masses with an irregular shape, convex to a surface, which occur as a result of a machine process such as drilling or gouging.
Capability Test Board (CTB) Capability Test Board (CTB) A printed board specifically designed to act as a capability qualifying component (CQC), or to be used by manufacturer to evaluate process variation, provess control, or continuous improvement procedures.
Ceramic Dual-in-line Package (CERDIP) Ceramic Dual-in-line Package (CERDIP) A dual in-line-package that has a package body of ceramic material and hermetically sealed by glass. (See also "Dual-in-line Package.")
Ceramic Pin Grid Aray (CPGA) Ceramic Pin Grid Aray (CPGA) A pin grid aray package (PGA) made of a ceramic material, hermetically sealed by metal, with leads formed on a grid extending from the bottom of the package.
Ceramic Quad Flat Pack (CQFP) Ceramic Quad Flat Pack (CQFP) A quad flad pack (QFP) made of a ceramic material, hermetically sealed by metal, with leads extending grom all four sides.