Text Term / Abbr Acronym
Via Via Via is a plated hole that is used as an interlayer connection but is not intended for inserting a component lead or metallic part.
Void Void The absence of any substances in a localized area.
Wafer Wafer A slice or flat disc of semiconductor material, such as pure silicon, onto which an electronic circuit may be formed.
Wave Soldering Wave Soldering A soldering process wherein an assembled printed board is brought in contact with the surface of a continuously flowing and circulating mass of solder
Wetting Wetting The spreading of molten solder or glass on a metallic or non-metallic surface, with proper application of heat and, in some cases, flux.
Wire Bonding Wire Bonding Wire Bonding is a interconnection technology that uses metal wire e.g., Gold, Copper or other between a die pad and base material, lead frame etc.
X-Out X-Out X-out is a method of identifying a defective part within an array to ensure it is not used (populated, further processed, etc).
X-Ray inspection X-Ray inspection X-ray inspection is a technology that uses X-rays as its source, to inspect features, which are typically hidden from view. As BGA connections are not visible the only alternative is to use a low level X-ray. Using X-ray inspection is able to find faults.