Text Term / Abbr Acronym
Stencil Stencil A thin sheet of material containing openings to reflect a specific pattern, designed to transfer a paste-like material to a substrate for the purpose of component attachment.
Step Stencil Step Stencil A stencil with more than one stencil-foil thickness.
Stress Relief Stress Relief Slack in a component lead or wire that is formed in such a way as to minimize mechanical stresses.
Surface Mount Assembly Surface Mount Assembly See "Surface Mount Technology (SMT)".
Surface Mount Component (SMC) Surface Mount Component (SMC) A leaded or leadless device (part) that is capable of being attached to a printed board by surface mounting.
Surface Mount Device (SMD) Surface Mount Device (SMD) See "Surface Mount Component (SMC)".
Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Surface Mount Technology (SMT) The electrical connection of components to the surface of a conductive pattern that does not utilize component holes.
Through-Hole Mounting Through-Hole Mounting See "Through-Hole Technology (THT)".
Through-Hole Technology (THT) Through-Hole Technology (THT) The electrical connection of components to a conductive pattern by the use of component holes.
Tinning Tinning The application of molten solder to a basis metal or surface finish for improving solderavility.