Text Term / Abbr Acronym
Multichip Module (MCM) Multichip Module (MCM) A module that contains two or more dice and/or minimally-packaged dice. See also "Multichip Package".
Multichip Package (MCP) Multichip Package (MCP) A packaging that contains two or more dice and/or minimally-packaged dice. See also "Multichip Module (MCM)"
Nail Heading Nail Heading The flared condition of copper on an inner conductive layer of a multilayer printed board that is caused by hole-drilling.
Negative Etchback Negative Etchback Etchback in which the inner conductor layer material is recessed relative to the surrounding base material.
Nonconforming Nonconforming A departure of a quality characteristics from its intended level or state that occurs with severity sufficient to cause an associated product or service not to meet a specification requirement.
Nonfunctional Land Nonfunctional Land A land that is not connected electricaly to the conductive pattern layer.
Nonwetting (Solder) Nonwetting (Solder) The inability of molten solder to form a metallic bond with the basis metal.
Outgassing Outgassing The gaseous emission from a material exposed to heat or reduced air pressure,or both.
Overheated Solder Connection Overheated Solder Connection A solder connection that is characterized by solder surfaces that are dull, chalky, grainy, and porous or pitted.
Package on package (PoP) Package on package (PoP) A configuration where two packaged integrated circuits are placed directly on top of each other. Can also be known as stacked packages