Text Term / Abbr Acronym
Through-Hole Mounting Through-Hole Mounting See "Through-Hole Technology (THT)".
Through-Hole Technology (THT) Through-Hole Technology (THT) The electrical connection of components to a conductive pattern by the use of component holes.
Tinning Tinning The application of molten solder to a basis metal or surface finish for improving solderavility.
Tombstoned Component Tombstone A defective mounting condition whereby a leadless device has only one of its metallized terminations soldered to a land and has the other metallized termination elevated above and not soldered to its land.
Tray Tray A pallet shape that contains SMD components in a form that makes it easy to feed them to an automatic component mounting mashine
Trimming Trimming The removal of material from component by a laser beam or abrasive jet in order to modify its value.