Text Term / Abbr Acronym
Package on package (PoP) Package on package (PoP) A configuration where two packaged integrated circuits are placed directly on top of each other. Can also be known as stacked packages
Pin-In-Hole Pin-In-Hole See "Intrusive Soldering"
Pin-In-Paste Pin-In-Paste See "Intrusive Soldering"
Printed Component Printed Component A part (such as resistor, capacitor, inductor, or transmission line) that is formed as part of the conductive pattern of a printed board.
Process Indicator Process Indicator A process indicator is a condition (not a defect) that identifies a characteristic that does not affect the form, fit or function of a product. Process indicators should be monitored as a part of the process control system. When the number of process indicators indicate abnormal variation in the process or identify an undesirable trend, then the process should be analyzed. This may result in action to reduce the variation and improve yields.