Text Term / Abbr Acronym
Damage Response (Plastic Encapsulated SMDs) Damage Response (Plastic Encapsulated SMDs) All irreversible changes caused by exposure to a reflow soldering profile.
Delamination Delamination Delamination is a separation between plies within a base materialq between a base material and a conductive foilq or any other planar separation within a printed board. For mechanical separation see "Blister" and "Haloing"
Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA) Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA) A process of determination of device construction or failure modes.
Dewetting Dewetting Dewetting is a condition that results when molten solder coats a surface and then recedes to leave irregularly-shaped mounds of solder that are separated by areas that are covered with a thin film of solder and with the basis metal not exposed.
Disturbed solder connection Disturbed solder connection A solder connection that is characterized by the appearance that there was motion between the metals being joined when the solder was solidifying.
Doming (BGA) Doming (BGA) A condition of a ball grid array (BGA) package after reflow where the corners turn down and toward the printed board laminate surface. This condition in the worse case causes the balls on the outside row to be in compression and the balls in the center to be in tension. (Opposite of "Cupping (BGA).")
Dual-Inline Package (DIP) Dual-Inline Package (DIP) An electronic device package with a rectangular housing and two parallel rows of electrical connecting pins, usually protruding from the longer sides of the package and bent downward.